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Friday, September 2, 2011

Grind and Brew Coffee Makers Have Many Advantages #CoffeeWorld

Grind and Brew Coffee Makers Have Many Advantages #CoffeeWorld

If you've been looking at grind and brew coffee makers, but are suffering from sticker shock, have no fear. Take a minute to learn about the pros and cons of this type of machine, and the number one deciding factor in your purchase decision.

Convenience and beauty in one package, what more could you ask for? That's what a combination coffee maker is: a drip coffee machine and grinder all in one nice package. Because the whole beans are ground directly into the filter, there's less chance of making a big mess. And they save space too. What's not to love?

What the majority of owners really like about these machines is that they provide the ultimate in brewing freshness. The whole roasted coffee beans are ground right before they're brewed, so there's no chance of losing flavor. Why settle for ground beans out of a package when you can get them fresh at home?

Grind and brew coffee makers are the epitome of suitability. The entire operation can be set up on the machine's timer. Next morning you can awake to the smell of the freshest coffee ever. The only thing it won't do is serve you!

Be aware that these machines can be difficult to store. They tend to be tall and usually don't fit on the kitchen counter, underneath the upper cabinet. If this is where you like to store your coffee machine, check the measurements first before you buy your coffee maker.

Both your coffee maker and grinder will be out of commission if something goes wrong. You won't be able to grind or make coffee. Whether the unit needs to be replaced or repaired, you're up the creek without a paddle.

If you do decide to go this route, ensure your machine has a conical grinder. This style of grinder can grind the beans to a more uniform size. It's important to remember since you can't upgrade later.

Some models can be difficult to clean. Improper design can allow steam to work its way into the grinder mechanism, causing it to clog. Poor design can also extend to the bean storage as well. When beans are exposed to air, they start to oxidize and this is not good. It the hopper isn't air-tight, this is bound to happen.

Yes, a grind a brew coffee machine costs more than a regular drip coffee maker. But that's because a grinder has been integrated into the machine, increasing the manufacturing costs. If you are in a situation where you want to upgrade to a conical grinder, than usually it's makes more sense to buy a grind and brew machine.

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In Search of a Good Coffee Maker #CoffeeWorld

In Search of a Good Coffee Maker #CoffeeWorld

The optimal coffee makers all share various common features. No matter which coffeemaker you may purchase, make sure it offers a lot of the following properties.

Correct brewing temperature is vital to brewing the best cup of coffee. Ideally, your coffee brewer ought to maintain a temperature between 195? and 205?F, measured around the position where water exits the spray head. This is slightly complicated if you want to test yourself, therefore try to find a coffeemaker that features 1000 W minimum power. In addition, normal ground coffee ought to remain in contact with the water for between 6 to 8 min.

The ideal coffee makers permit some adjustment of coffee strength. A drip coffee maker usually has at least a couple of settings to control how strongly the coffee is made. Others, such as the French press, enable limitless adjustment. Even so, this is a result of the particular method of making coffee.

For coffee fans who only brew a couple of cups at a stretch, a small batch setting is a requirement. This changes the water supply so that it does not travel too quickly over the coffee grounds. Small amounts of coffee will taste every bit as good as larger ones, if your coffee machine offers this setting.

If you don't drink the full pot right away, then you want a coffee maker with a thermal carafe. This type of carafe keeps the coffee hot for some time, with no risk of getting burned. A glass carafe is easily destroyed when allowed to remain a long time on the coffee hot plate. This will likely not happen if your coffee maker possesses an auto shut off function. Nowadays it's found in the majority of coffee makers, aside from the most inexpensive styles.

For anyone who is short on time in the early morning, and who is not, then a coffee maker which has a programmable timer is actually a requirement. This can enable you to set up your coffee machine the night before, so that your coffee is ready for the next morning. It's just one less matter to think about in your morning rush.

A particular characteristic created for individuals who cannot wait, is the pause and serve. This enables you to pour a mug of coffee even while the machine is still brewing. And, a wonderful idea for all those coffee fans that lack patience.

Reusable filters are something to carefully contemplate before you make your purchase decision. Yes they can create a far better coffee, because they will not impart virtually any paper taste. Nevertheless they require correct cleanup and upkeep, as opposed to disposable paper filters. Otherwise residue quickly accumulates and any benefit is lost. In addition they do not filter coffee as fine as the paper types leading to an accumulation of residue in the bottom of the mug.

Keeping the interior of your coffee maker clean will ensure its ability to consistently brew a fantastic pot of coffee. After a while, particularly for anyone residing in an area with hard water, mineral deposits can develop, reducing water flow in the coffeemaker. At this time, the machine will have to be de-scaled, typically using a solution of vinegar. A number of models use an indicator light to show when de-scaling is necessary.

The most effective coffee brewers have most of the characteristics discussed. Some of those features may be more valuable than others is a private choice. But if you can get a coffeemaker, that has all of the characteristics, at a reasonable price, then that's a good value.

Blended Ice Coffee Recipes #CoffeeWorld

Blended Ice Coffee Recipes #CoffeeWorld

Blender directions (16 oz drink):

• Pour 5 oz of chilled coffee, milk or water into blender.

• Add 2 scoops of Big Train (Latte, Mocha, Toffee) Crush powder into blender.

• Add 12 oz of ice into blender.

• Blend thoroughly until smooth.

• Top with whipped cream.


• For a strong coffee flavor, use 1 oz of espresso and 4 oz of milk or water.

• Add 1 scoop of hard-packed ice cream/frozen yogurt (or 3 to 4 oz of soft-serve frozen yogurt) 3 oz of milk, 2 scoops of Big Train Powder and 16 oz of ice for a great shake drink.

Specialty Mocha Drinks:


Pour 1 oz of espresso and 4 oz of chocolate milk into blender. Add 2 scoops of mocha (Big Train powder) and 12 oz of ice. Blend and serve.

Vanilla Mocha:

Pour 5 oz of water, milk or chilled coffee and 2 scoops of vanilla Big Train powder into a blender. Add a shot of chocolate syrup and a 12 oz cup of ice. Blend and serve. (or use 1 scoop of mocha Big Train powder and 1 scoop of vanilla Big Train powder and follow regular directions.)

Fruit Tea Blast:

Basic blender recipe: (16 oz serving): In a blender, add 4 oz of Fruit Tea Blast with 4 oz of water and 16 oz of ice. Blend until smooth.

Fruit Tea Blast with Ice Cream: (16 oz serving): follow the above blended recipe. Add 2 oz of cream (half & half), Blend and top with whipped cream.

Note: Use Big Train products for excellent results.