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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Coffee Vending Machines and Staff Productivity #CoffeeWorld

Coffee Vending Machines and Staff Productivity: Employers Bound To Offer? #CoffeeWorld

A lot has been said about the need to increase productivity in the office now that the financial crises has decimated traditional business models or at the very least, caused stress for most companies around the globe. Cuts in budgets are the first attempt that many companies make to ride out a crisis. Often, staff suffer from reduced perks like free office beverages, telephone calls and meals. This is not unexpected, but it can lead to staff morale falling.

When staff feel that they are undervalued, they will react in a negative way. Cutting back what they see to be their "rights" is not a great way to encourage increased productivity. So how can you cut costs while showing staff that you actually do care.

Coffee vending machines are a great first step. They cut costs of traditional office beverages because they ensure portion control, and of course, help to reduce theft. Secondly, using a good milk powder also removes the temptation to use your office milk in someone's cornflake bowl! Or even in a glass of milk. This is where your costs will rise.

Frontier Coffee, a South African coffee vending machine supplier, have published a study that shows coffee vending can save up to 42% of the costs associated with office beverage provision. This comes from portion, fit for purpose (e.g. milk is only used in coffee/tea) and theft control. Amazing!

Secondly, the productivity effect. In another study, 92% of managers said that coffee helps workers to increase their productivity. I can buy that. What is also little known is that when coffee, good coffee, is provided in offices, the staff tend to stay in the office. They do not feel a need to go out for a lunchtime coffee, nor to dash out for a takeout coffee. This is seen to a far greater extent where coffee vending machines offer a greater choice of drinks, and there are other snack and can vending machines present.

Staff in the office are better than staff out the office and so it is not surprising that managers respond positively to having an office coffee vending machine.

Of course, if your service provider is poor and the coffee machine is not stocked, cleaned and repaired on time, you could have a revolution on your hands. So it is important to find a good supplier.

Ensuring only the best products are on board is key. Bad coffee equals grumpy employees, so again, ensure it tastes good! There is little excuse for poor taste given modern machines are quite capable of grinding beans and topping off a good espresso base with a creamy top. Cappuccino is by far the favorite in most offices. However, espresso goes fast in the early morning rush when staff need a quick pep up for a busy morning.

In addition, the coffee vending machines are on all day so day or night, a staff member can get a decent drink. Hot chocolate is great for late night workers and of course, the younger staff members also enjoy this drink more than some of us oldies who don't need the added sugar! For us, try a mocha drink... just a trace of chocolate with your coffee, but a great drink without the calories!

So you can supply great beverages even if you are on a tight budget. Look around, find a good solution provider and show your staff that you do in fact care, even if times are tough.


Chubskulit Rose said...

Having a vending machine at work is a nice initiative.

Jhady said...

I think every offices should give out free coffee. Workers tend to work better when they get a free drink esp caffeinated drink. They feel happy for being treated nicely. I for one is a big coffee drinker and I work better if I start my day with coffee.

Franc said...

I'm a coffee-holic here. Would love to have a coffee vending machine in the office.

Kenneth Clutario Agudo said...

This is very innovative, I often use it too and very handy and easy. Less worries too

Abihu joe said...

No matter what are the responses no matter the thing is taking this all ahead in terms of learning and getting better business agility is how things should be learn because finally this is the way for it and it can surely help us with doing better.

Christian Lenoir said...

I also think that workers tend to work better when they get a free drink esp caffeinated drink.

Anonymous said...

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