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Monday, January 30, 2012

v101-Boresha International Introduces Skinny #CoffeeWorld

v101-Boresha International Introduces Skinny #CoffeeWorld

The Beans Boresha’s 100% natural gourmet coffee is All Arabica Coffee. Organic Arabica coffee is the first cultivated species of coffee tree, historically grown for as long as 1,000+ years. The Arabica tree produces in the order of 70% of the coffee the world consumes, and is dramatically superior in cup quality to the other main saleable coffee species. All good quality, specialty, and first-class coffees originate from 100% Arabica trees.

100% Arabica coffee grows only in precise regions with sufficient rainfall, mild climates, excellent soil (often volcanic), adequate altitude, and just about among the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn within the ultimate conditions, it might take as many as seven years for the Arabica coffee plant to grow to its optimum size. Following several years, the plants begin to supply fruit, the seeds of which are the coffee beans.

Our beans are refined in the rich soils of small farms placed in the fertile, high mountain location and humid lake location of Africa. The coffees from this territory are multipart and have berry or floral aromas and have traces of berries, citrus fruits and chocolate.

Boresha Coffee is purely developed without the use of any non-natural pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemical goods.

Developed to gratify the most diversified and selective of palates, our gently selected premium beans are roasted in a temperature-controlled surroundings within a high-tech roasting plant in California.

Accreditation & Certification

Our premium quality, FAIR TRADE and ORGANIC certified coffees support environmentally sustainable farming and production practices, provide economic permanence, and a advanced standard of living for the African farmers.

Boresha Coffee is proud to offer coffees that meet the rigorous standards of TransFair USA, USDA Organic, and OCIA, and are scrutinized from the tree to the cup.

Fair Trade Certified

Monitored by TransFair USA and the FLO (Fairtrade Labeling Organizations), the Fair Trade Certified label guarantees that the coffee was produced correctly and that the farmers who grew the beans got a reasonable price to support their families. This means that the coffee was purchased outside of the commodities market at a set price that was better than what the farmer could have asked for through customary distribution networks.

Fair Trade Certified Coffee:

* Offer farmers a first-class price for their crop, ensuring that they are taking home a larger amount of money for their harvest to help sustain a improved life.
* Provides honest trade relations to farmers and their associates, bypassing abusive middlemen.
* Supplies entrance to reasonably priced credit, assisting farmers stay out of debt to regional loan sharks between growing seasons.
* Produces a definite impact on communities and their farmers by promoting business and social growth programs.

Boresha® & Skinny Science® Coffee

As a product of the union between Boresha® and Skinny Science®, Boresha is now offering Skinny Science Coffee, a.k.a. Skinny Coffee™, the first and only fat burning coffee formula created by Glycemic Index Researchers.

The Boresha Bskinny Coffee formula has been joined exclusively with Boresha’s most excellent Arabica, Fair Trade, and Certified Organic coffee beans!

BSKINNY Coffee is precisely formulated so that by drinking 2 -12oz cups of coffee a day, anyone can eliminate fat while you sit on the couch! This assures that Boresha International's fat burning Skinny Coffee is great for someone striving to advance energy and reduce fat throughout the day.

Boresha Skinny Coffee theromogenesis happens by way of the patented Buffered Caffeine procedure by creating maximum adipose tissue fat burning, blocking cephalic response, and escalating glycemicall stable energy.

Boresha Skinny Coffee is Certified by Human Sports Performance & Glycemic Research Institution


Boresha Skinny Coffee - Skinny Science Coffee

* Patented Hunger Management

* Balanced Energy

* Thermogenic Fat Burning

* Buffered Caffeine

* Helps fight Stress Associated Eating

*For additional information contact us at 877-457-4292

Source: James Southern