Yum FX777 CoffeeWorld: December 2012


Monday, December 3, 2012

Iceberg Coffee Crushed #CoffeeWorld

Iceberg Coffee Crushed #CoffeeWorld

Beverages like iced coffee are so refreshing and they are so quick and easy to make economically right at home in your personal blender. A refreshing beverage that can easily be modified for your choice of ingredients and can be frozen overnight, if you want to. You can prepare this for only 4 minutes.


• 2 Tsp Dry instant coffee (any brand)- Regular or Decaf
• 1 Tsp Sugar or Sugar Substitute
• 6-8 oz Milk - Your choice of skim milk or whole milk
• 6-8 pieces Ice cubes
• 2 Tbsp Warm water
• 1 Tsp Vanilla - Optional
• 1 Tsp Chocolate Syrup - Optional


Use any available blender and follow the directions below:

• Measure coffee and sugar or substitute into the cup
• Add the warm water, stir to dissolve dry ingredients
• Fill with ice cubes to about 1 inch from the top of the cup
• Add milk to 1inch from the top - this allows room for blending and expansion
• Add optional flavoring if you prefer
• Attach the Blender Blade Assembly
• Position on the blender and blend for approximately 30-45 seconds (ice must not be crushed thoroughly).
• Remove, add a straw and enjoy
• Always follow manufacturer's assembly, operational and cleaning instructions.