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Monday, December 3, 2012

Iceberg Coffee Crushed #CoffeeWorld

Iceberg Coffee Crushed #CoffeeWorld

Beverages like iced coffee are so refreshing and they are so quick and easy to make economically right at home in your personal blender. A refreshing beverage that can easily be modified for your choice of ingredients and can be frozen overnight, if you want to. You can prepare this for only 4 minutes.


• 2 Tsp Dry instant coffee (any brand)- Regular or Decaf
• 1 Tsp Sugar or Sugar Substitute
• 6-8 oz Milk - Your choice of skim milk or whole milk
• 6-8 pieces Ice cubes
• 2 Tbsp Warm water
• 1 Tsp Vanilla - Optional
• 1 Tsp Chocolate Syrup - Optional


Use any available blender and follow the directions below:

• Measure coffee and sugar or substitute into the cup
• Add the warm water, stir to dissolve dry ingredients
• Fill with ice cubes to about 1 inch from the top of the cup
• Add milk to 1inch from the top - this allows room for blending and expansion
• Add optional flavoring if you prefer
• Attach the Blender Blade Assembly
• Position on the blender and blend for approximately 30-45 seconds (ice must not be crushed thoroughly).
• Remove, add a straw and enjoy
• Always follow manufacturer's assembly, operational and cleaning instructions.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Coffee Maker Style Guide #CoffeeWorld

Coffee Maker Style Guide #CoffeeWorld

According to statistics, 52 percent of Americans are coffee drinkers. This translates to greater than 140 million people who drink coffee daily. Americans are a diverse population and far from unanimously agreeing on what makes a good cup of coffee. Happily, there are a number of different kinds of coffee makers available today.

Coffee lovers can select the brewing machine that matches their preferences. Common coffee maker styles include Automatic Drip, Automated Espresso, French Press, Percolator, Stovetop Espresso, and Vacuum style. Each has its own pros and cons and gives the person varying control over the end result.

Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

The automatic drip coffee maker might be the most popular alternative for Americans. This style is simple to make use of and are inexpensive to purchase. Most operate on the identical principle. Contained in the coffee pot is a filter basket where a paper filter holds the coffee grounds. Cold water is poured into the reservoir where it is heated before being poured over the grounds. The resulting coffee flows into a carafe. The brewed coffee is kept warm by the hot surface beneath the carafe.

Individuals who don't like to use automatic drip coffee makers complain that they do not make a very good cup of coffee. Keeping the coffee maker and carafe clean, utilizing quality coffee and disposable paper filters will help ensure a better result.

Automatic Espresso Coffee Maker

Automatic espresso coffee makers are available in semi-automatic, fully automatic and super automatic versions. Semi-automatic models tamp the coffee grounds, brew the coffee, fill the cup and eject grounds. Fully automatic models also grind the coffee. Super models supply all kinds of options, including built in water filters.

French Press Coffee Maker

French Press coffee makers are also referred to as press pots or plunger pots. The pot is a glass or porcelain cylinder which incorporates a stainless, mesh plunger that works as a filter.

The consumer measures coffee grounds into the pot and adds nearly boiling water. The plunger is put in place but not pushed till the coffee has steeped a number of minutes. After steeping, the plunger is pushed and the espresso is ready.

There is no hot surface to maintain coffee temperature so the coffee must be served instantly or placed into a thermal carafe of some sort.

Percolator Coffee Maker

Percolator coffee makers are available in range top types and in electric styles. Most modern ones are both electric and can be programmed. Some models make just one cup of coffee, others could make 12 cups at a time. The large coffee urns utilized by many organizations work on the percolation principle however brew more than one hundred cups of coffee at a time.

Percolator coffee makers are not used as often as they used to be. These machines constantly run the water over the grounds and the water is boiled. Many coffee lovers claim that both actions violate the legal guidelines of creating good coffee.

Coffee made via percolator tends to be stronger and often bitter tasting than coffee made with other brewing methods.

Vacuum Coffee Maker

Vacuum coffee makers look more like chemistry lab equipment than coffee machines. This type consists of two overlapped containers that are connected by a syphon tube. There's a filter in the bottom of the upper container.

The user places water in the lower container and coffee grounds within the upper container. The machine is then placed on top of the stove where the heated water vaporizes and passes through the syphon tube into the upper container.

A brewing cycle lasts roughly three minutes. When the unit is removed from heat, the vapor turns back to water and is forced through the filter and back into the lower container. Farberware created the first automatic vacuum coffee maker model whereas Sunbeam made the first truly automatic modern one.

Coffee lovers can choose from a wide variety of coffee makers. From cheap range top coffee pots to high end super automated coffee makers, there is a coffee maker for every choice as well as every budget.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chocolate Cake Affogato #CoffeeWorld

Chocolate Cake Affogato #CoffeeWorld

Have your creamy, cold, and super easy to make coffee dessert with ladyfingers or meringue, or chocolate cake. Be flexible with your ideas on how to make affogato. For espresso substitute: Nescafe coffee powder dissolve in a small quantity of hot water.

Serves 1 to 2

For the chocolate syrup:


100 grams dark chocolate
1 (250 ml) pack all-purpose cream
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
2 tablespoons instant coffee powder

2 large scoops vanilla ice cream
2 to 3 tablespoons chocolate syrup for drizzling (recipe above)


1 Make the chocolate syrup: Melt chocolate, then mix together all-purpose cream , cocoa powder, coffee; and chill.

2 Place ice cream in a mug or glass. Drizzle with chocolate syrup. Top with chocolate cake chunks or 3 to 5 pieces ladyfingers, broken into big chunks. Serve with 2 shots of espresso on the side. Pour espresso into glass when ready to indulge.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Why The Gourmet Coffee Craze #CoffeeWorld

Why The Gourmet Coffee Craze #CoffeeWorld

Okay, coffee isn't what it used to be. Drinking coffee today is almost like sampling wine. Fine taste, smooth texture, good body... gourmet coffee has become the buzz word in coffee circles.

For a confessed caffeine addict like myself, the change in the way I look at coffee these days has been amazing. I put it down to the many varieties of gourmet coffee now available. Just walk into your favorite coffee shop and what used to be a simple procedure of asking for a coffee, two sugars and cream is now a few minutes of deep deliberation as you scan up and down the price board to decide whether you want a flat white, latte, cappuccino... and the list goes on.

Isn't all coffee created equal? Not if you talk to gourmet coffee experts. Terms like nitrogen flushed to retain freshness; hand picked beans; roasted to perfection and so and so on. Columbian blend, french roasted, Kenya blend... brewing at the right temperature; whether to freeze or not to freeze coffee beans: I swear, you nearly need to have a degree in coffee drinking just to decipher the maze of gourmet coffee and coffee language out there.

Make no mistake, gourmet coffee has become big business. Not just for drinkers but now giving gourmet coffee as a gift has become ritzy. I visited a friend recently who has bought himself a coffee maker. "Would you like a coffee," he asked. "Sure would," I replied.

"Great," he said. "One of the best cappuccinos you'll ever have coming right up."

Then I watched him go to work. It was sheer artistry. First he ground the beans; then he warmed the water; and then with pinpoint accuracy he heated the milk to the right temperature. "Here you are. Enjoy that," he said proudly as he offered me the coffee. Sarcastically I replied..."That's great. Just as well I wasn't in a hurry!"

Where did the term gourmet coffee originate? Well, as far as I can ascertain, a gourmet coffee blend probably includes coffee beans from a variety of origins. A gourmet coffee blend may include beans from Columbia and Kenya along with a touch of Costa Rica and Brazil. As opposed to single origin coffee which originate from one source. So a gourmet coffee blend is a little like a mixed marriage...or an even better analogy would be like a Deep Space Nine gathering of a variety of different universal characters. Now I'm getting deep.

Whatever your preference, one thing that is certain, that gourmet coffee is here to stay. An single origin coffee lovers will just have to get used to the idea.

Source: Dean Caporella

Friday, March 16, 2012

Why We Pay Any Price for a Good Cup of Coffee #CoffeeWorld

Why We Pay Any Price for a Good Cup of Coffee #CoffeeWorld

What is the appeal of the coffee shop? What makes people go to coffee shops every day? Why do people pay the outrageous amounts of money for a cup coffee they can just as well make at home?

Simply enough, it's because people just love coffee! They love the taste and the smell of the hot liquid craved by so many. It's that "eye-opening" sensation you get from that first cup of coffee of the day. Of course, everyone has a favorite so the tastes and smells of the coffees and blends will vary from person to person. But from the first sip to the last, people love coffee. Some might argue that it's the stimulating affect of the caffeine of the coffee bean that keeps them coming back again and again; however, those who drink decaf still can't seem to get enough either!

Another reason people love coffee is the social factor: people love people! A coffee shop is a great place to meet people and socialize. You walk in for a cup of coffee in the morning and your chances of running into someone you know are very high. Who's not happy after they their first cup of coffee?

A coffee shop is a great place to have a business meeting. You could meet either for breakfast, lunch or after work and it's not as formal as the boardroom. A coffee shop is also very convenient for college students. Most coffee ships are open around the clock; there's always one on campus (or just around the block). And who doesn't need the caffeine to keep the creative fires burning!

Coffee beans and blends and other coffee condiments make great gifts. Different coffee types and accessories can put a smile on a gift recipient's face.

For many people, stopping at the coffee shop is just part of the morning ritual they couldn't do without - almost like putting on socks. It is a quiet time to relax before starting the day, a time to stop and read the paper, think about plans for the day, or make a few decisions. Life is busy and hectic, and time for a coffee is time to relax and unwind or to get charged up for the day ahead.

Other than the love of coffee, the socializing and the rituals, going to a coffee shop is just plain easier than making the coffee at home. You don't have to worry about grinding the beans or working the coffee maker. You don't have to wait for the coffee to be ready. You don't have to clean up. All you have to do is walk in off the street, place your order, and in minutes you have a great tasting cup of coffee just like you wanted. What could be better?

Source: Matthew Hick

Thursday, March 1, 2012

7 Tricks so You Can Drink Coffee and Tea and Still Change Habits #CoffeeWorld

7 Tricks so You Can Drink Coffee and Tea and Still Change Habits #CoffeeWorld

The enjoyment of a great meal shared with good friends is difficult to match. The secret thrill of making it through a meal knowing you didn't reach for a smoke, have an unnecessary second helping or bite your already painfully short nails will only enhance your experience.

Do expect that your urges might be stronger at different meal times. Recognizing when your urges are strongest will permit you to take the action that you need to defeat your urges during those times.

You can try some or all of these habit breaking tricks in order to make your habit change work:

1. Should you be eating alone, make sure that you do something the moment you have finished to break your regular routine.

2. If you're eating with company, make the effort to join in the conversation.

3. Join the slow food movement. Eat your food slowly and really enjoy the taste. It takes your body 10 minutes to understand it's full so this is an ideal way to control your eating habits too.

4. Wash the dishes by hand as opposed to using the dishwasher. If you believe that even wet, soapy hands won't deter you from smoking or biting your nails, then consider wearing thick washing up gloves for extra peace of mind.

5. Brush your teeth or use mouthwash right after meals.

6. If you're stopping smoking then your smoking urges could be stronger with certain foods. Take some time to get to recognize which food types increase your urge to smoke and avoid them while you change habits.

7. Your desire to smoke after meals may depend on whether you're alone, with other smokers, or with nonsmokers. Get to know the trigger points for your smoking desires and either stay away from them or use one of the other tricks to assist you deal with temptation.

Imagine how thrilled all the non smokers will be when you no longer smoke at the table after meals!

Whenever you give up smoking it may be helpful to know how nicotine affects your body and mind to ensure you know its not "just you", rather it's your body dealing with the removal of a chemical that it has been reliant on.

Smokers need to be aware that certain needs, like relaxation, may have been met by their smoking habit. As eating can be another way to satisfy these needs you may find that you want to eat more as you change habits. It is crucial that you do not replace one bad habit with another one. Consider ways that you can increase your activity to burn off any extra food that you may be eating in your initial adjustment to no longer smoking.

It can be the simplest of things you do as part of your everyday routine that contain the trigger points that you need to be aware of and overcome to ensure that you continue to change habits. Its time to reclaim your meal time!

Source: Andrea Jordan

Friday, February 17, 2012

Red Coffee Makers That Look Great Red Coffee Makers That Look Great #CoffeeWorld

Red Coffee Makers That Look Great Red Coffee Makers That Look Great #CoffeeWorld

Searching for a modern and a simple solution to bring bright colors and distinct appearance to your kitchen top Consider the revamp of your bench top a new design, having the right kitchen appliances that not only have a function to perform, they also add style and color in your kitchen. The latest coffee makers have all the modern junctions so you can make a coffee like a pro simply by pressing a button. You are sure to find a red espresso grind and brew machine that suits taste and the style of your kitchen.

Some manufacturers are starting to relive the best years of the color world. Bright colors and smooth appearance can be seen in a lot of the newer designs that have taken the idea of the stylish compact design and brought it back to sleek curves, streamlines profiles as well as lots of chrome are trendy these days, there are also a lot of great benefits with these newer coffee maker.

Manufacturers are starting to realize that the red espresso machine is not just a kitchen accessory but can be the starting point for an entire line of red appliances.
To make this process much simply and fool proof the Jura comes with Capresso’s frothXpress system which automatically siphons milk from any milk container steams and froths the milk depending on the setting you have chosen either cappuccino or latte and the result is always the same perfect rich creamy froth and no wasted milk.

For those people that love coffee we offer a couple of the most interesting exploring and top quality red coffee machines on the market: the Hamilton Beach Ensemble 12 cup coffee maker has a stainless steel body and red accent color. There are many useful programmable function, the digital display and clock-timer are easy to use via the well layout control panel. Wake up in the morning to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Some of the more esteemed names to be offering red espresso machines are mainly the Italian and swiss made machines. The best rated Red coffee maker on the market today is the Nespresso CitiZ its design and style is incredible compact and streamline piece of engineering and an amazing high quality professionally built automatic coffee machine would look great on any kitchen bench with its modern stylish design. Guaranteed to produce coffee shop gourmet coffee with rich flavor and aroma every time. Don’t worry you do not have to be a profession Batista to use this machine, its many convenient and practical programmable junctions means that you will be making beautiful tasting espresso, cappuccino and latte’s at the touch of a button. The big advantage of using the Nespresso’s coffee capsule is there is no need to grind or measure coffee and most impotent there is no mess to clean up, the empty capsule is automatically ejected into the dispenser container.

Modern designed red coffee grind and brew automatic machines are just the beginning, there are a lot additional options out there that provide a great cup of coffee and a great look to your kitchen. These red fresh coffee grind and brew automatic machines are wonderful and give a different appearance and a great aroma espresso. Red espresso machines look best when they are harmonizing with vivid metallic, polished brass stainless steel and chrome. The amalgamation of brilliant metallic is a classic look that are now becoming fashionable once more. This combination works particularly nicely in darker countertop that have a lot of wood or sandstone work.

Source: Jason Ruben Alder

Monday, January 30, 2012

v101-Boresha International Introduces Skinny #CoffeeWorld

v101-Boresha International Introduces Skinny #CoffeeWorld

The Beans Boresha’s 100% natural gourmet coffee is All Arabica Coffee. Organic Arabica coffee is the first cultivated species of coffee tree, historically grown for as long as 1,000+ years. The Arabica tree produces in the order of 70% of the coffee the world consumes, and is dramatically superior in cup quality to the other main saleable coffee species. All good quality, specialty, and first-class coffees originate from 100% Arabica trees.

100% Arabica coffee grows only in precise regions with sufficient rainfall, mild climates, excellent soil (often volcanic), adequate altitude, and just about among the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn within the ultimate conditions, it might take as many as seven years for the Arabica coffee plant to grow to its optimum size. Following several years, the plants begin to supply fruit, the seeds of which are the coffee beans.

Our beans are refined in the rich soils of small farms placed in the fertile, high mountain location and humid lake location of Africa. The coffees from this territory are multipart and have berry or floral aromas and have traces of berries, citrus fruits and chocolate.

Boresha Coffee is purely developed without the use of any non-natural pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemical goods.

Developed to gratify the most diversified and selective of palates, our gently selected premium beans are roasted in a temperature-controlled surroundings within a high-tech roasting plant in California.

Accreditation & Certification

Our premium quality, FAIR TRADE and ORGANIC certified coffees support environmentally sustainable farming and production practices, provide economic permanence, and a advanced standard of living for the African farmers.

Boresha Coffee is proud to offer coffees that meet the rigorous standards of TransFair USA, USDA Organic, and OCIA, and are scrutinized from the tree to the cup.

Fair Trade Certified

Monitored by TransFair USA and the FLO (Fairtrade Labeling Organizations), the Fair Trade Certified label guarantees that the coffee was produced correctly and that the farmers who grew the beans got a reasonable price to support their families. This means that the coffee was purchased outside of the commodities market at a set price that was better than what the farmer could have asked for through customary distribution networks.

Fair Trade Certified Coffee:

* Offer farmers a first-class price for their crop, ensuring that they are taking home a larger amount of money for their harvest to help sustain a improved life.
* Provides honest trade relations to farmers and their associates, bypassing abusive middlemen.
* Supplies entrance to reasonably priced credit, assisting farmers stay out of debt to regional loan sharks between growing seasons.
* Produces a definite impact on communities and their farmers by promoting business and social growth programs.

Boresha® & Skinny Science® Coffee

As a product of the union between Boresha® and Skinny Science®, Boresha is now offering Skinny Science Coffee, a.k.a. Skinny Coffee™, the first and only fat burning coffee formula created by Glycemic Index Researchers.

The Boresha Bskinny Coffee formula has been joined exclusively with Boresha’s most excellent Arabica, Fair Trade, and Certified Organic coffee beans!

BSKINNY Coffee is precisely formulated so that by drinking 2 -12oz cups of coffee a day, anyone can eliminate fat while you sit on the couch! This assures that Boresha International's fat burning Skinny Coffee is great for someone striving to advance energy and reduce fat throughout the day.

Boresha Skinny Coffee theromogenesis happens by way of the patented Buffered Caffeine procedure by creating maximum adipose tissue fat burning, blocking cephalic response, and escalating glycemicall stable energy.

Boresha Skinny Coffee is Certified by Human Sports Performance & Glycemic Research Institution


Boresha Skinny Coffee - Skinny Science Coffee

* Patented Hunger Management

* Balanced Energy

* Thermogenic Fat Burning

* Buffered Caffeine

* Helps fight Stress Associated Eating

*For additional information contact us at 877-457-4292

Source: James Southern